modular systems radio archives

  • 2022.07.03
    Strategy, Sturqen, Sha Ru, Simo Cell, Jdotbalance, Steve Moore, vigliensoni, OSSX, Color Plus, A1C3, LNS, Biosphere, Arne Weinberg

  • 2022.06.19
    Hazy Montagne Mystique, Lucita Octans, James Bangura, Snarexx, prototype 909, Viikatory, GiGi FM, France Jobin, Sahar Homami, Gary Martin, Lucita Octans, RiDylan, Flaws, Adam Jay

  • 2022.06.05
    E-Saggila, Shelley Parker, Grey People, James Shinra, Mental Expire, Valicha, Featureless Ghost, Jadzia, Jensen Interceptor & Viikatory, Ksenia Kamikaza

  • 2022.05.22
    A guest mix by Kamyar Ring.
    Born in 1992 in Tehran/Iran, Kamyar Khanzaei (AKA. RING / K-Dub) is a Dj, music producer, and visual artist. Kamyar hosts a program at datafruits fm, manages NOH Radio Tehran, and is a member of Deep House Tehran. He founded Sampatic records in 2016 to bring exposure to Tehran's music scene and to present underground sounds from around the world. His music brings together genres of electro, dub techno and minimal techno with a unique touch, and he has releases on Rawax, Datafruits, Bullfinch Records, Sampatic and other labels

  • 2022.05.08
    A guest mix by idalia.
    Born & raised in New Orleans, idalia made her mark in the city by luring those into the faster, groovier side of techno. Having played iconic parties such as Gimme A Reason and Techno Club Nola, as well as headlining Damon Bradley's TechnoFist event in New York, idalia turned her focus into showcasing southern techno artists with a priority in bipoc/lgbtq+ talent with a new soundcloud podcast "Techneaux". Recently relocated to Detroit with a mix out on Terrence Dixon's Minimal Detroit as well as Detroit grown collective's such as TechnoSnob, idalia hopes to continue to contribute to Detroit musically and be inspired by her new home.

  • 2022.04.24
    Sounds Of Survival From Ukrainian Underground, Frederik Hatsav & Measure Divide, juneunit, Fast Ram, Simon Heartfield, Israel Vines, DSPF, Amadeezy, Zeta Reticula, Ayesha, Kim Cosmik, Jensen Interceptor

  • 2022.04.10
    A guest mix by Israel Vines.
    "Born in the South, raised in the Midwest, and realized in Los Angeles, Vines has carved out a singular space in the American underground, commingling futurist techno energy with raw, unbridled punk spirit — for Israel Vines, "techno" is not so much a sound as a frame."

  • 2022.03.27
    The annual funding drive edition of the show, featuring music by Shinedoe, Ménage, Gabriel Rei, SSA, Space Ghost, Vince Watson, Escaflowne, Ayesha, Jdotbalance, Sepehr, Legion of Green Men. Donate at

  • 2022.03.13
    Listen to a guest DJ mix by Vigliensoni, a Montréal-based electronic music producer, performer, and researcher whose work interrogates the different stages of contemporary music production’s workflow, always transforming the process of making a record into a playing field for experimentation and learning. His album Clastic Music will be released on March 21 on Chez.Kito.Kat.

  • 2022.02.27
    Biosphere, Sandoz, Brainwaltzera, Skinnybones, Bezier, Otik, Yuri Urano, Robert Hood, Zvrra, Pascäal, JLin, Kamyar Ring, Black Rave Culture

  • 2022.02.13
    Olive T, Panooc, Tony G, B. Calloway, FBK, Omar S, J Shaw, JamesBangura, Escaflowne, Fictional Devices, Biochip, Anthony "Shake" Shakir, Russell EL Butler

  • 2022.01.30
    Nick Edwards, Abby Echiverri, Ouero, Mukqs, laced, Pete Namlook & DJ Brainwave, Strategy, Michael Claus, Stellar Om Source

  • 2022.01.16
    JLin, burnet0662, Marcela Dias Sindaco, Geistech, Sepehr, Galcid, Liquid Asset, Denny Kay, Charles Manier, Lauren Flax, Loraine James, Sabres of Paradise

  • 2022.01.02
    France Jobin, Etch, Yunam, Santiago Salazar, Wilted Woman, VFO89, Zisko, CiM, Vigliensoni, Valicha

  • 2021.12.19
    Featuring sets by artists from the Chez.Kito.Kat record label - Icky Magdala, Elaina Vierce, and Shadya.

  • 2021.12.05
    Jake Muir, Nene H, Savile, Black Rave Culture, Liquid Asset, MPU101, Oona Dahl, Experimental Housewife, Laurie Spiegel, Galcid, Christina Chatfield

  • 2021.11.21
    Nadia Khan, Donato Dozzy, Ténèbre, Vince Watson, Emissive, MUE, Giulia Tess, Kim Cosmik, Cignol, Stellar Om Source, Michael Claus, Spacetime Continuum

  • 2021.11.07
    Strategy, Mental Expire, Ouri, Archivist, Call Super, MUE, Lucita Octans, Debby Friday, Honeydrip, Aquaventure, ottoman.gruw, s.talbot

  • 2021.10.24
    A1C3, M Marie, Sam Brickel & Dashiell, Ali Berger, KRBC- Electric Cafe VA Vol.1, Wilted Woman, Clatterbox, Biochip, Escaflowne, Skinnybones, Le Matos

  • 2021.10.10
    death of codes, Motoko & Myers, Abby Echiverri, OSSX, Christina Chatfield, Steve Moore, Francesca, Montreal Dances Across Borders Vol. 2, Black Rave Culture

  • 2021.09.26
    Valicha, Grave Index, Cyclone, Cute Heels, Lucita Octans, Gesloten Cirkel, Serenace, Cratan, City Dance Corporation, Erika Gluck, Victoria Lukas, Worker/Parasite

  • 2021.09.12
    Motoko & Myers, M. Marie, Michael Claus, Nadia Struiwigh, Anthony Naples, A1C3, Mukqs, Grammar of Movement, Ménage, Lauren Flax

  • 2021.08.29
    Savile, Galcid, Guy Contact, Massimiliano Pagliara, Zvrra, OJPB, Ayesha, Color Plus, Naeem, Junes, JamesBangura, Electric Indigo, Jana Rush

  • 2021.08.15
    Beats Unlimited, TML, Sard, Zvrra, Drakkar Noir, Michael Claus, Escaflowne, 313 Acid Queen x SickBoy, K. Hand, Lauren Flax, W00DY

  • 2021.08.01
    Wilted Woman, DYLAB, Dialectic Sines, Valicha, D. Strange, equilet, Low Tape, Orphx, Xozgk, Analog Tara, Yuri Urano

  • 2021.07.18
    JOAN ジョアン, Priori, Vivian Koch, Dapapa & Gayance, Don Zilla, Golbon Moltaji, KI, bpmf, Elaina Vierce, Analog Tara, Emissive, Bézier, D. Strange

  • 2021.07.04
    A guest mix by Skinnybones, one of my favourite DJs and a longtime member of Montreal's electronic music scenes. Skinnybones is the host of Sober Ravers Union on La Face B. Recent releases include the SKB04 tape as well as a collaboration with YlangYlang under the name mue on La Rama Dubs.

  • 2021.06.20
    Wilted Woman, Nadia Struiwigh, James Bangura, ÑAKA ÑAKA, Heidi Sabertooth, Davis Galvin, S. Chioini, Eamon Harkin, Urban Tribe, Persuasion

  • 2021.06.06
    Aeondelit, m. geddes gengras, Vivian Koch, µ-Ziq, dybbuk, Shawn Rudiman, Pursuit Grooves, Beatrice Dillon, Joe Sousa, Folded Grid, Altstadt Echo, Dan Snazelle

  • 2021.05.23
    Christina Chatfield, Persuasion, Mono Junk, kritzkom, City Dance Corporation, Ksenia Kamikaza, bpmf, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Kuniyuki Takahashi, Lone Dancer, Tapes, TM404

  • 2021.05.09
    France Jobin, Stephanie Merchak, Puce Moment, Skinnybones, SSA, Eamon Harkin, Dimensions In Shadow, Bézier, Being

  • 2021.04.25
    claire rousay, Yu Su, m. geddes gengras, Forest Drive West, Peder Mannerfelt, Suit Kei, Gesloten Cirkel, Leisure Muffin, Auton, Markus Floats

  • 2021.04.11
    MUE, Savile, bpmf, Simon Heartfield, Christina Chatfield, Silvia Kastel, Coarses, Salem Hilal, Jonny L

  • 2021.03.28
    galcid, Skinnybones, Beyun, Kim Cosmik, Sepehr, FAUZIA, laced, Xen Chron, Xyla, Christina Chatfield

  • 2021.03.14
    Pauline Anna Strom, Auton, Jasmine Infiniti, Being, The Exaltics / Heinrich Mueller, Grave Index, Yu Su, J Shaw, kamyar khanzaei, Biochip, Beatrice Dillon, bodyzone

  • 2021.02.28
    Amina Cyu, TM404, kritzkom, Bézier, Alpha+, Debby Friday, laced, TADAN, HVL, Delian League, JASS, deoxyt

  • 2021.02.14
    A guest mix from Montreal-based DJ BitterCaress, inspired by high energy old school rave music. BitterCaress is a resident with the Octov collective, and she is the host of The Movements on La Face B, a local web radio station. She curates the podcast series Mixing for a Cause, and recently launched MFC records, a label that allows established and up and coming artists to support a cause with their music. The first release is a 5 track compilation raising funds for the NAACP.

  • 2021.01.31
    AUN, Nadia Khan, Otik, Iota, Volruptus, Biosphere, Julia Bondar, Sepehr, Stellar OM Source, Ben Buitendijk, ottoman​.​grüw, Joe Sousa

  • 2021.01.17
    Shawn Rudiman, Fauzia, Xyla, Wordcolour, Ikonika, Kush Jones, Rian Treanor, Nick Edwards, Il Quadro di Troisi, Pye Corner Audio, Shelley Parker, Minimal Violence

  • 2021.01.03
    Jake Muir, Experimental Housewife, Edit Select, Jasen Loveland, Off-key Industries, Bill Converse, Santiago Salazar, Davis Galvin, Hieroglyphic Being, Furtive, Israel Vines, Tangerine Dream