modular systems radio archives

  • 2024.02.11
    Detroit Classics including... Arpanet, Kenny Larkin, DJ Minx, Eddie Flashin' Fowlkes, Anthony "Shake" Shakir, Kelli Hand, Urban Tribe, Aux 88, Drexciya

  • 2024.01.28
    Emily Jeanne, Norus & DJ Whipr Snipr, Decoder, Future Meta Laser, Slow Blink, Enayet, PHSRVA.1, CAIV, Unknown Mobile, MPU101, Etch, Skinnybones

  • 2024.01.14
    Guest mix by DJ Hockey featuring music by Svreca, Planetary Assault Systems, Nite Fleit, Lou Karsh, Cari Lekebusch, Duckenfield/Benson, Sepehr, Regis, DJ Overdose, Paul Mac, LNS & DJ Sotofett, Eduardo De La Calle, ADMX 71, Uun, Dold

  • 2023.12.31
    Women of Noise for Palestine, DJ bwin, Ayesha, Escaflowne, Marcela Dias Sindaco, Xozgk, Stefana Fratila, Abby Echiverri, Jo Johnson, Kritzkom, Pheek, SVHS, Skinnybones

  • 2023.12.17
    Guest mix for CKUT 90.3 FM by Toronto-based DJ and producer Loxxe

  • 2023.11.19
    Featureless Ghost, Yazzus, Xyla, Gas, Experimental Housewife, Agaric, Burger/Ink, Shelley Parker, Lone Dancer, DJ Hockey, Ouri, Nuel

  • 2023.11.05
    death of codes, Xozgk, Paleman, SW., DYLAB, OpenEnd, kritzkom, Valicha, Afrodeutsche, Pheek, Laced & No Airbags, YlangYlang / Skinnybones remix

  • 2023.10.22
    Lori Scacco, Kenya Kanazawa, Shelley Parker, Akumu, Lurka, Toma Kami, TM404, Syrte, C Powers, Sissel Wincent, Stellar Om Source, Auton

  • 2023.10.08
    Sarah Davachi & Sean McCann, Xexyz, Paka, Black Replica, Erika, juneunit, Kassem Mosse, Sepehr, SKD, Purgate, Sturqen

  • 2023.09.24
    Donna Neda, Mue, Folded Grid, Pheek, Hiro Kone, Joe Sousa, SVHS, n9oc, Escaflowne, Orlando Voorn, Kim Cosmik, Kamyar Ring, L/F/D/M, Liquid Asset

  • 2023.09.10
    Amselysen, Lenskid, Si Begg, Noncompliant, Abby Echiverri, Dean Grenier, AEKT, Allpa Puruma, Erika, Otodojo, 3Ddancer, James Bangura, Photek

  • 2023.08.27
    Takahiro Mukai, Yuri Urano, Abby Echiverri, Dennis Young, Pete Namlook & Lorenzo Montanà, Modrian, DJ Fire Belly, 1morning, Peder Mannerfelt, Ikonika, Kim Cosmik

  • 2023.08.13
    Guest mix for CKUT 90.3 FM by Jack McKenzie of Fixed Rhythms and Nowhere Affiliated.

  • 2023.07.30
    Qeei, Motoko & Myers, Xozgk, Sean Kosa, tmy, Daniel Savio, Azu Tiwaline, Ayesha, Valeda, wrk.dat, Loraine James, Fennesz

  • 2023.07.16
    guest appearance and set by France Jobin

  • 2023.07.02
    a guest dj mix by Montreal DJ, producer, and label co-founder Shadya

  • 2023.06.18
    Guest dj mix by Thom Speakman (Boha) of tracks from the Re:Conceive 2 compilation

  • 2023.06.04
    Guest mix by Montreal DJ and producer Icky Magdala

  • 2023.05.07

  • 2023.04.24
    Recording of a live set by Parts Project in the CKUT studio

  • 2023.04.09
    Pursuit Grooves, Doc Sleep, Millia Rage, Alien D, T5UMUT5UMU, Simon Heartfield, Erika, Kenya Kanazawa, DAAT, Ryuichi Sakamoto, S U R V I V E, DJ Paradise, Bored Lord

  • 2023.03.12
    A guest mix by Iranian producer and dj ROW92

  • 2023.02.26
    Jo Johnson, SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL, Dold, Richard Holhburn, Guilt Attendant, Doc Sleep, Erika, Isabella Koen, anabasine, Benedikt Frey

  • 2023.02.12
    A guest mix by Montreal-based somebody3lse featuring Mor Elian, Xen Chron, Consulate, Kessler and more!

  • 2023.01.29
    Annie Hall, ROW92, Ariel Zetina, Autokinetic, Dialectic Sines, Beats Unlimited, Fauzia, XEEN, bergsonist, Bézier, Heidi Sabertooth, Earthnan, DJ Sprinkles

  • 2023.01.15
    Mono Junk, Kenya Kanazawa, Arpanet, burnet0662, Kassem Mosse, Aos, Kuniyuki Takahashi, LDY OSC, Kris Baha, M Parent, Lone Dancer, Massive Attack V Mad Professor

  • 2023.01.01
    Pascäal, Marcela Dias Sindaco, Adam Jay, Tomas Jirku, Shinedoe, machina, Mental Expire, Ayesha, vigliensoni, Escaflowne, Yazzus, Lucita Octans, Richard Holhburn

  • 2022.12.18
    Yuri Urano, Polygonia, Shelley Parker, Force Placement, Santiago Salazar, Michael Claus, Jo Johnson, Sean Kosa, Kamyar Ring, Mue, Reinhard Voigt, Dean Grenier

  • 2022.12.04
    Mue, Savile, Auton, Goldie, Montreal Dances Across Borders vol.3, clatterbox, Rico Casazza, Fjaak, Yazzus, Nene H, Electric Indigo, Featureless Ghost

  • 2022.11.20
    A guest mix of unreleased tracks by Montreal-based producer Hedon.

  • 2022.11.06
    Xexyz, Michael Claus, AEKT, Yazzus, Any Act, Sara Dziri, pillar of garbage, Christina Giannone, Adiel, Isabella

  • 2022.10.23
    A guest mix by wngdu
    Padideh aka wngdu is an Iranian-American dj, journalist and visual artist born and raised in Denver, CO. Their taste draws from industrial and post-punk, weaving dark undercurrents into hard-hitting techno and chuggy acid, while lightening up the heavier tone with pumpin' house and rave-inspired breaks. Padideh enjoys a wide variety of dance music and loves to surprise the dancefloor — always with a hint of silliness, of course. They have shared the bill with acts such as Mike Servito, DJ Voices, Mall Grab, Bored Lord and many more. Outside of their musical and artistic projects, they run an event series called Human Cluster Project focusing on uplifting BIPOC and queer creatives with a focus on Middle-Eastern acts. More music and mixes can be found at

  • 2022.09.25
    Alien D, Santiago Salazar, elaina vierce, vigliensoni, Sole Tech, Richard Holhburn, Kim Cosmik, Henning Baer, Heathered Pearls, Persuasion, Ntel

  • 2022.09.11
    Camille Altay, 12 x 12, Kamyar Ring, Lone Dancer, Escaflowne, machina, Amina Cyu_, Wiklow, Valicha, Scape One, Simone Bauer, m. geddes gengras

  • 2022.08.28
    A guest mix by Jdotbalance
    Jdotbalance is a producer based out of Chicago. Their music and mixes range from the breaksy leftfield to hard and obnoxious - much like themself. Check out their recent EP High Exposure out on Fixed Rhythms. More music and mixes can be found at

  • 2022.08.14
    A guest mix by Fengir
    Fengir is a Montreal dj and producer, and one third of the group Grave Index. He runs the record label Ancient Robot which has released music by fellow Montrealers gonima and Fade Runner, as well as music by Kamyar Khanzaei, Duke Slammer, Fitzroy North, and more. You can hear Fengir's Key on the last Saturday of every month on

  • 2022.07.31
    Amina Cyu, Pascäal, Motoko & Myers, S. Chioini, Shinedoe, Syrte, JLin, Savile, Shelley Parker, juneunit, Scott Franka & KAAP, KRBC on Electric Cafe VA Vol.1, Nitzer Ebb

  • 2022.07.17
    Space Afrika, rRoxymore, Machine Woman, Adam Jay, Vamp Acid, Pulsewidthmod, Resoe, Richard Holhburn, AK SPORTS, Nikki Nair, SIVIYEX, SFV Acid, D Breeze (Autechre remix), Swayzak

  • 2022.07.03
    Strategy, Sturqen, Sha Ru, Simo Cell, Jdotbalance, Steve Moore, vigliensoni, OSSX, Color Plus, A1C3, LNS, Biosphere, Arne Weinberg

  • 2022.06.19
    Hazy Montagne Mystique, Lucita Octans, James Bangura, Snarexx, prototype 909, Viikatory, GiGi FM, France Jobin, Sahar Homami, Gary Martin, Lucita Octans, RiDylan, Flaws, Adam Jay