modular systems radio archives

  • 2011.07.17
    the caretaker, andy stott, biosphere, echologist, marcel dettman, linkwood, the timewriter, todd bodine, surgeon, robert hood

  • 2011.07.03
    john beltran, deadbeat, margaret dygas, deepchord, vladislav delay quartet, pinch, pursuit grooves, motor city drum ensemble, hundred 20, falty dl, deetron

  • 2011.06.19
    vainqueur, burial, vladislav delay, boxcutter, falty dl, floating points, cosmin trg, africa hitech, bok bok, skudge, baby ford & eon

  • 2011.06.05
    a live set by SQUARE ROOT OF EVIL (Vancouver)

  • 2011.05.22
    ezekiel honig, clark, mokira, darkstar, andy stott, kode 9 & the spaceape, boxcutter, cosmin trg, phon.o, redshape, lovebirds, solomun

  • 2011.05.08
    akumu, burial, shed, drexciya, skudge, kode 9 & the spaceape, naw, resoe, stephen hitchell, donnacha costello

  • 2011.04.24
    This week we were treated to a special set by guest dj luv, who brought in a selection of records from the Artificial Intelligence series, released on Warp records in the early 90s.

  • 2011.04.10
    wireman, naw, d’eon, cosmin trg, lone, 2562, falty dl, egyptrixx, skudge, steffi, dj t

  • 2011.03.27
    kalte, burial, falty dl, daedelus, teengirl fantasy, a made up sound, dva, blawan, discreet units, mike denhert, linkwood

  • 2011.03.13
    shackleton, log, waverider, resoe, sandoz, francois k, pinch, boxcutter, baby ford, art department, rick wade, kegaska

  • 2011.02.27
    atheus, function, pom pom, wax – 10001, maurizio, pattern repeat, round one, wax – 20002, space dimension controller, wax – 30003, bernard badie, aaron carl, steffi, julio bashmore

  • 2011.02.13
    vladislav delay, mount kimbie, flying lotus, dibiase, autechre, resoe, bvdub, sabres of paradise, kenlo, scuba, hissy fit, azari & iii, dj t

  • 2011.01.30
    rhythm and sound w/ tikiman, digital mystikz, king midas sound, pariah, moonstarr, the other people place, martyn, dennis bog and kenneth christiansen, delta funktionen, space dimension controller, floating points

  • 2011.01.16
    the black dog, margaret dygas, conforce, al tourettes & appleblim, appleblim & ramadanman, falty dl, optimum, anthony ‘shake’ shakir, egyptrixx, aril brikha

  • 2011.01.02
    naw LIVE

  • 2010.12.05
    autechre, monolake, demdike stare, lena, moonstarr, mike huckaby, anthony shakir, pig & dan, basic soul unit, jay denham