A guest mix by Kamyar Ring.
Born in 1992 in Tehran/Iran, Kamyar Khanzaei (AKA. RING / K-Dub) is a Dj, music producer, and visual artist. Kamyar hosts a program at datafruits fm, manages NOH Radio Tehran, and is a member of Deep House Tehran. He founded Sampatic records in 2016 to bring exposure to Tehran's music scene and to present underground sounds from around the world. His music brings together genres of electro, dub techno and minimal techno with a unique touch, and he has releases on Rawax, Datafruits, Bullfinch Records, Sampatic and other labels


Versalife - night time in the computer labs siberia
E.R.P. - Gallup String
Mark.x - Multipolar Thinking
Versalife - Observing the outland siberia
Reedale Rise -a1- Eternal Return
DL/MS - flowers
Volruptus - We'll Be Alright
Volruptus - Time Travel

Intro track:
Nick Edwards - For Mika - Beginning to See the Light