A guest mix by Fengir
Fengir is a Montreal dj and producer, and one third of the group Grave Index. He runs the record label Ancient Robot which has released music by fellow Montrealers gonima and Fade Runner, as well as music by Kamyar Khanzaei, Duke Slammer, Fitzroy North, and more. You can hear Fengir's Key on the last Saturday of every month on datafruits.fm


MPU - 260078_2 - MPU101 - Ilian Tape

Fengir's mix:
Fitzroy North - Hey, Girlfriend!
Roel Funcken - Sapper Morton
Alpha 606 - Afriba
Ulysses - Palefinger
Morphology - Mirror Comparator
OSC 101 - Computers Cannot Create Music
Ectomorph - Parallax View
Electric Music Foundation - Grape Krush
Venechor and Freddy Fresh - Quim
Neurotic Drum Band - The Last Parabola
John Selway - Brainchild
low tape - acid pathway
Rolando Simmons - Haze On The Lake
Mor Elian - Paralysed Focus