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A guest mix of unreleased tracks by Montreal-based producer Hedon.

Emanating from the Moroccan dry lands, Hedon is a project that seeks to channel and muster undiscovered frequencies inspired by desolate and noir tinged landscapes feeding off the north-african hypnotic rhythms and unique Moroccan aesthetics.


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Xexyz, Michael Claus, AEKT, Yazzus, Any Act, Sara Dziri, pillar of garbage, Christina Giannone, Adiel, Isabella

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Xexyz - Lost - Mysteries Compilation Chapter Three - Mysteries of the Deep
Michael Claus - Cloud Mask - Lavender Palace - 100% Silk
AEKT - Neural Tweak - Bending Light - Electric Music Foundation
Yazzus - Mythrill
Any Act - Amo Delphino (Cardopusher Remix) - Viebe Po Bratski - Tram Planet
Sara Dziri - Horizons - Close To Home - Optimo Music
pillar of garbage - relic - D Pillar records
Michael Claus - Surface Refraction - Lavender Palace - 100% Silk
Christina Giannone - Lapsed Contentment - Mysteries Compilation Chapter Three - Mysteries of the Deep
Adiel - In Your Power - Method EP - Figure
Isabella - Impresia - L'eau Repousse Les Feux Agressifs - Mama told ya


A guest mix by wngdu
Padideh aka wngdu is an Iranian-American dj, journalist and visual artist born and raised in Denver, CO. Their taste draws from industrial and post-punk, weaving dark undercurrents into hard-hitting techno and chuggy acid, while lightening up the heavier tone with pumpin' house and rave-inspired breaks. Padideh enjoys a wide variety of dance music and loves to surprise the dancefloor — always with a hint of silliness, of course. They have shared the bill with acts such as Mike Servito, DJ Voices, Mall Grab, Bored Lord and many more. Outside of their musical and artistic projects, they run an event series called Human Cluster Project focusing on uplifting BIPOC and queer creatives with a focus on Middle-Eastern acts. More music and mixes can be found at

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intro: bodyzone - hypomnesia

Actress — Crushed (Original)
Yuto Takei — Neo Yokohama
Coffintexts x Jonny From Space — TALK TO ME
Karima F — Falconhoof
JAY — Predictive Message Theory
Davis Galvin — Rissp
Paurro — Putatention [Forthcoming on Comeme]
Babylon X — Hyper Love
Dexorcist — Kindred Spirit
La Decima Vittima — EPIDEMIA
Schacke — Motorsports
El Loco — Ibiza (Club Mix)
Persona Non Grata — My Psychosis
IMPRESSIVE FAKTORIA — Invisible (Hard Klub Mix)
Maurizio — Ploy (UR Mix)
Hodge — Silo


Alien D, Santiago Salazar, elaina vierce, vigliensoni, Sole Tech, Richard Holhburn, Kim Cosmik, Henning Baer, Heathered Pearls, Persuasion, Ntel

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Alien D - Party Glitters - Broadway Mid-Tempo Party Music - Fixed Rhythms (forthcoming)
Santiago Salazar - Chang - Chang
elaina vierce - third quak (b side) - cosmic traffic incidents - DKK037
vigliensoni - Clastic - Clastic Music - Chez.Kito.Kat
Sole Tech - Techno Sole - Back To The Future: The Album - Detrechno Records
Richard Holhburn - pulse shifter - Sidereal Suite - perimeter junk
Kim Cosmik - Piston Heart - Soul in the Machine - CyberSoul
Henning Baer - Pentagon Papers - Sui Generis -Pinkman
Heathered Pearls - The Chop Shop - Detroit, MI 1997
Persuasion - Pure Delusion - Pure Delusion EP - idioms
Ntel - Swarm (Scanner Mix) - Dilution Effect - GARMO


Camille Altay, 12 x 12, Kamyar Ring, Lone Dancer, Escaflowne, machina, Amina Cyu_, Wiklow, Valicha, Scape One, Simone Bauer, m. geddes gengras

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Camille Altay - Diagonals i
12 x 12 - Abstract Method - The Primitive Streak - Voodoo Down
Kamyar Ring - Future Sound - Backstabbers - datafruits
Lone Dancer - Artificial Intelligence
Escaflowne - Bao - Looseys Vol.2
machina - Forked Tongue - Trusted EP - UTTU
Amina Cyu_ - Amort
Wiklow - Cyberspace Architects - Liquid Reflex
Valicha - Riendo Adentro - Invisible LP - DU
Scape One - Perpendicular - The Future... it will never be the same
Simone Bauer - Driade - Arcadia - Sure Thing
m. geddes gengras - river (mcs) - echelons beyond reality


A guest mix by Jdotbalance
Jdotbalance is a producer based out of Chicago. Their music and mixes range from the breaksy leftfield to hard and obnoxious - much like themself. Check out their recent EP High Exposure out on Fixed Rhythms. More music and mixes can be found at

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Sahar Homami - ARRIVAL - fanaa فنا
Richard Holhburn - deepcreep - Sidereal Suite - Perimeter Junk
Lag - Twitch (Original Mix) - Parter / Twitch - KR/LF Records
Ayesha - Ecstatic Descent - Potential Energy EP - Scuffed

mix by Jdotbalance:

Dean Blunt - Darcus
Giant Swan - IGOM
DJ Tess - Cruda
DJ LOSER - Love Angel Revenge
Jaclyn Kendall - Gowanus Canal
Céilí - Chronic Desire (Bare Chest Mix)
Rune Bagge - Demons
Julien Andreas - I Close My Eyes and Watch It All Burn
Planetary Assault Systems - Stairway Ritual
Erika Gluck - Cosset
Jon Watts - Music for 3 CDJs
Anhedonia - Regal
CYNKT - The Last Witch
DJ ALi - Lethal Injection
Age Coin - No Corner, No Devil


A guest mix by Fengir
Fengir is a Montreal dj and producer, and one third of the group Grave Index. He runs the record label Ancient Robot which has released music by fellow Montrealers gonima and Fade Runner, as well as music by Kamyar Khanzaei, Duke Slammer, Fitzroy North, and more. You can hear Fengir's Key on the last Saturday of every month on

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MPU - 260078_2 - MPU101 - Ilian Tape

Fengir's mix:
Fitzroy North - Hey, Girlfriend!
Roel Funcken - Sapper Morton
Alpha 606 - Afriba
Ulysses - Palefinger
Morphology - Mirror Comparator
OSC 101 - Computers Cannot Create Music
Ectomorph - Parallax View
Electric Music Foundation - Grape Krush
Venechor and Freddy Fresh - Quim
Neurotic Drum Band - The Last Parabola
John Selway - Brainchild
low tape - acid pathway
Rolando Simmons - Haze On The Lake
Mor Elian - Paralysed Focus


Amina Cyu, Pascäal, Motoko & Myers, S. Chioini, Shinedoe, Syrte, JLin, Savile, Shelley Parker, juneunit, Scott Franka & KAAP, KRBC on Electric Cafe VA Vol.1, Nitzer Ebb

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Amina Cyu - Miracles Dwell In The Invisible - Una nueva definición de felicidad - Ensamble Records
Pascäal - Horizontally Draped Angel - Body - Dreamtone
Motoko & Myers - Oriented Strand Board - Colocate - Students of Decay
S. Chioini - Ecocentre - VA [CC003] - Causal Chain
Shinedoe - Resistance - Garden of Eden - MTM
Syrte - Obedience Paradox - 686.719 - Science Cult
JLin - Connect the Dots - Embryo - Planet Mu
Savile - the hope is in the people - hyperempathy
Shelley Parker - Coldstream - Wisteria - Hypercolour
juneunit - 41[5-3] - boskage - Silva Electronics
Scott Franka & KAAP - Choke - Anthem - Working Titles
KRBC - All I Think About - Electric Cafe VA Vol.1
Nitzer Ebb - hearts and minds - Belief - Mute