A guest mix by Jdotbalance
Jdotbalance is a producer based out of Chicago. Their music and mixes range from the breaksy leftfield to hard and obnoxious - much like themself.
Check out their recent EP High Exposure out on Fixed Rhythms. More music and mixes can be found at soundcloud.com/jdotbalance

Sahar Homami - ARRIVAL - fanaa فنا
Richard Holhburn - deepcreep - Sidereal Suite - Perimeter Junk
Lag - Twitch (Original Mix) - Parter / Twitch - KR/LF Records
Ayesha - Ecstatic Descent - Potential Energy EP - Scuffed

mix by Jdotbalance:

Dean Blunt - Darcus
Giant Swan - IGOM
DJ Tess - Cruda
DJ LOSER - Love Angel Revenge
Jaclyn Kendall - Gowanus Canal
Céilí - Chronic Desire (Bare Chest Mix)
Rune Bagge - Demons
Julien Andreas - I Close My Eyes and Watch It All Burn
Planetary Assault Systems - Stairway Ritual
Erika Gluck - Cosset
Jon Watts - Music for 3 CDJs
Anhedonia - Regal
CYNKT - The Last Witch
DJ ALi - Lethal Injection
Age Coin - No Corner, No Devil