Guest mix for CKUT 90.3 FM by Toronto-based DJ and producer Loxxe


Loxxe is a DJ whose varied, vibrant, melodic and emotionally charged sets have made her a notable addition to the Toronto music community. Her djing, productions, and live sets draw inspiration from retro gaming culture. She has shared decks with international talent such as Kevin Saunderson, Aurora Halal, Justin Cudmore, The Librarian, and Hiroko Yamamura among others. Her music has been broadcast on variety of platforms including XLR8R, Shift Radio, n10.as, CJAM, Daisychain Podcast, and many more.

Find more music at: soundcloud.com/loxxe

Pyramid of Knowledge - Odeo in the Clouds
Olsvanger - Lotusing
Rhythm Maker - It’s Like Percussion
Omri Smadar - Drum Odyssey
Payphone - Where it Hertz
R406 - Walking on the Cloud
Neotex - Iridescence
Filicio - Rush-v
ovuca - FI3AC2142010 (Aleksi Perala)
Hannd - Space Yeti
Sohrab - Dualism (Original mix)
Loxxe - Plains of Passage
r beny - Crystals and Graves