Guest mix for CKUT 90.3 FM by Jack McKenzie of Fixed Rhythms and Nowhere Affiliated.

Jack McKenzie lives in Oklahoma City and runs the Fixed Rhythms label. Alongside the label, he runs the (mostly online) record shop Nowhere Affiliated and organizes parties in OKC. A champion of the in- between, no-coast, flyover, overlooked scenes across the middle of the US, he believes that new electronic music should be accessible to everyone regardless of where you live.

For Modular Systems he put together an all-vinyl, mostly techno with a dash of electro mix of older records and newer records, including a few tracks released on his label, Fixed Rhythms.

For more:

Alter Ego - "The Fridge" (Klang Elektronik)
The Advent - "Chiba" (Tresor)
Carlos DurĂ¡n - "Abstract Burro" (DonkeyHead)
Neghvar - "Brownie" (Definition)
Erika Gluck - "Cosset" (Fixed Rhythms)
Abdulla Rashim - "Awash Rider" (Concrete Music)
Autokinetic - "Didgeradont" (Fixed Rhythms)
Giri - "Sawtooth" (No Signal)
KGIV - "Rendering Intent" (Horizontal Ground)
Sard - "Null Runner" (Amphiboly)
Vainqueur - "Lyot (Original Mix)" (Maurizio)
Ergot - "Ergot 2" (Audiodrome)
Force Placement - "Retinex (Berndt Remix)" (Clave House)
Reade Truth - "Another Dilemma" (Planet E)
I-f - "The Search" (Disko B / Viewlexx)
Population One - "Code Of Conduct" (Modularz)
Kassem Mosse "GSO2" (Nonplus Records)