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Recording of a live set by Parts Project in the CKUT studio

Allan Hanley aka Parts Project is a Montreal-based producer and performer. Originally from Winnipeg, he moved to Montreal in 2012 and began making music as Parts Project in 2018. He takes a gritty approach to sound system culture and underground club sounds. His productions speak to the history of bass music while bringing flavours of body music, left field, hypnotic techno and breakbeats into the fold.

Allan has released music independently and on labels Audio Bambino, Juncture Music, Woodwork Recordings, Conscious Wave, DRT Cake, and MEMETIC. His most recent releases include an EP on Juncture Music called Dreamerz and a single on Memetic with a remix by Daega Sound (April 21) -A 2 track single is forthcoming on Audio Bambino in October with remixes by Edna King and Ossifer.

Allan has played live sets at Mutek 2022, and at local events with Homegrown Harvest and Expose Noir. Coming up you can catch him performing at the Aussenwelt fest on May 13.

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Live set by Parts Project in the CKUT studio


Pursuit Grooves, Doc Sleep, Millia Rage, Alien D, T5UMUT5UMU, Simon Heartfield, Erika, Kenya Kanazawa, DAAT, Ryuichi Sakamoto, S U R V I V E, DJ Paradise, Bored Lord

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Pursuit Grooves - Woven Memories - 100 Seams - What Rules
Doc Sleep - Flooding Meadow - Birds (in my mind anyway) - Tartelet Records
Millia Rage - Kehinde - Ultimecia Tools
Alien D - Spicy Action - Broadway Mid​-​Tempo Party Music - Fixed Rhythms
T5UMUT5UMU - Dub Power - Neurotoxin
Simon Heartfield - Air or Vacuum IV - Air or Vacuum EP
Erika - Opal Haze - Anevite Void - Interdimensional Transmissions
Kenya Kanazawa - C - Stretched Reality - microtones
DAAT - 33 - DTND004 - Detuned
Ryuichi Sakamoto - fullmoon (S U R V I V E Version) - Async (Remodels) - Commmons
DJ Paradise - rust - Centro de Acopio Sonoro ~
DOC SLEEP - Secret Spells - Birds (in my mind anyway) - Tartelet Records
Bored Lord - Can't believe that its real - 3213123


A guest mix by Iranian producer and dj ROW92

ROW92 guest mix for CKUT

Rojan Eftekhari was born in December 1992 in Tehran, Iran and became interested in electronic music at a young age. After several years of collecting and listening to electronic music, she taught herself production skills and started making electronic music. Over time she has deepened and expanded her knowledge, producing multiple music projects and releases for compilations and underground labels. Her track Tensionless appears on the recent compilation Woman, Life, Freedom on Apranik Records.
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Jo Johnson, SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL, Dold, Richard Holhburn, Guilt Attendant, Doc Sleep, Erika, Isabella Koen, anabasine, Benedikt Frey

modular systems radio 2023.02.26  

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Jo Johnson - Transience - The Wave Ahead - Mysteries of the Deep
SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL - AllWaysDub - The Call From Below - Digitalis Recordings
Dold - 22-999-33 - Rave Break - Arsenik Records
Richard Holhburn - deepcreep (Sard remix) - Sidereal Suite - Perimeter Junk
Guilt Attendant - Architecture of Oppression - A Callus Of Apathy EP - PPRZ
Doc Sleep - Tomorrow is Beautiful! (w. Glenn Astro) - Birds (in my mind anyway) - Tartelet
Erika - Crystal Circuits - Anevite Void - Interdimensional Transmissions
Isabella Koen - Teaser - TIP
anabasine - Updraft - Updraft / Nervy
Benedikt Frey - Recall - Recall - Malka Tuti
Erika - Emergency Shutdown - Anevite Void - Interdimensional Transmissions


A guest mix by Montreal-based somebody3lse featuring Mor Elian, Xen Chron, Consulate, Kessler and more!

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Kessler - Endless
re:ni - reverse rave
Consulate - Spec 4
Mule - Ratpack
Kelly Lee Owens - Melt
Hassan Abou Alam - Ice
Skee Mask - Wiz
Mor Elian - Itch Twitch
Step Ball Chain - Tighten Up
Xen Chron - Wrong Dimension
Mor Elian - Dossgroove
Loopchasers - a world of swirls (2019 mix)
The Business - Embargo
Dissident Coalition Project II - Mandolin Martini


Annie Hall, ROW92, Ariel Zetina, Autokinetic, Dialectic Sines, Beats Unlimited, Fauzia, XEEN, bergsonist, Bézier, Heidi Sabertooth, Earthnan, DJ Sprinkles

modular systems 2023.01.29  

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Annie Hall - D'un Altre Planeta - Fum - CPU Records
ROW92 - Tensionless - VA - WOMAN, LIFE, FREEDOM - Apranik Records
Ariel Zetina - Forest Sprite- American Dance Music Vol. 2 - Argot
Autokinetic - Sidewinder (forthcoming Fixed Rhythms)
Dialectic Sines - hyperbubble - Threshold Living - Tram Planet
Beats Unlimited - Who Broke This?! - Human Music/Who Broke This​?​! - Hypno Discs
Fauzia - Insurrection - Fragments
XEEN - Urn - VA - WOMAN, LIFE, FREEDOM - Apranik Records
bergsonist - dehumanization of the human spirit - Moral - Always Human Tapes
Bézier - Resurrection - Valencia
Heidi Sabertooth - It Says You Read It - The Sleep of Reason - Jacktone
Earthman - Repeeto - Orogenesis - TerraFirm
DJ Sprinkles - Midtown 120 Blues - Midtown 120 Blues - Mule Musiq


Mono Junk, Kenya Kanazawa, Arpanet, burnet0662, Kassem Mosse, Aos, Kuniyuki Takahashi, LDY OSC, Kris Baha, M Parent, Lone Dancer, Massive Attack V Mad Professor


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Mono Junk - Halo 2 - Halo EP - Dum records
Kenya Kanazawa - AB (otodojo Dolphin Remix) - Stretched Reality - microtones
Arpanet - Illuminated Displays - Wireless Internet - Record Makers
burnet0662 - Nowforce - Astronaut Peoples/burnet0662 Cortex Fusion Split EP - AGIYNI
Kassem Mosse - Galaxy Series 5 - Disclosure - Honest Jon's
Aos - Lullaby - Violent Light EP - secondnature
Kenya Kanazawa - B - Stretched Reality - microtones
Kuniyuki Takahashi - Night At The Seaside - Early Tape Works (1986 - 1993) Vol. 1 - Music from Memory
LDY OSC - ILYI - sōt - Kontra Musik
Kris Baha - Happiness Disaster - Autora - CockTail d'Amore Music
M Parent - Groovy - American Dream - Acid Camp
Lone Dancer - Smog Gun - Temporal Smearing - Multidim Records
Massive Attack V Mad Professor - Radiation Ruling The Nation (Protection) - No Protection - Wild Bunch


Pascäal, Marcela Dias Sindaco, Adam Jay, Tomas Jirku, Shinedoe, machina, Mental Expire, Ayesha, vigliensoni, Escaflowne, Yazzus, Lucita Octans, Richard Holhburn


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Pascäal - Lateral - Body - Dreamtone
Marcela Dias Sindaco - Disritmia Vã - Rio de Janeiro 3025 - Fixed Rhythms
Adam Jay - A Gravelly Timbre - The Inevitable Demise - Detroit Underground
Tomas Jirku - Acid Airlines - PPRZ Variety Pack: Vol 01
Shinedoe - Garden of Eden - Garden of Eden - Music that Moves
machina - Forked Tongue - Trusted EP - UTTU
Mental Expire - Relic - Artifacts EP
Ayesha - Ecstatic Descent - Potential Energy EP - Scuffed
vigliensoni - Clastic - Clastic Music - chez.kito.kat
Escaflowne - Hydratic Equation #2 - Latom EP
Yazzus - Human Error Processor - Black Metropolis - Tresor
Lucita Octans - Robbie - Roseoryx - Gated
Richard Holhburn - pulse shifter - Sidereal Suite - Perimeter Junk