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A guest mix by Kamyar Ring.
Born in 1992 in Tehran/Iran, Kamyar Khanzaei (AKA. RING / K-Dub) is a Dj, music producer, and visual artist. Kamyar hosts a program at datafruits fm, manages NOH Radio Tehran, and is a member of Deep House Tehran. He founded Sampatic records in 2016 to bring exposure to Tehran's music scene and to present underground sounds from around the world. His music brings together genres of electro, dub techno and minimal techno with a unique touch, and he has releases on Rawax, Datafruits, Bullfinch Records, Sampatic and other labels

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Versalife - night time in the computer labs siberia
E.R.P. - Gallup String
Mark.x - Multipolar Thinking
Versalife - Observing the outland siberia
Reedale Rise -a1- Eternal Return
DL/MS - flowers
Volruptus - We'll Be Alright
Volruptus - Time Travel

Intro track:
Nick Edwards - For Mika - Beginning to See the Light


A guest mix by idalia.
Born & raised in New Orleans, idalia made her mark in the city by luring those into the faster, groovier side of techno. Having played iconic parties such as Gimme A Reason and Techno Club Nola, as well as headlining Damon Bradley's TechnoFist event in New York, idalia turned her focus into showcasing southern techno artists with a priority in bipoc/lgbtq+ talent with a new soundcloud podcast "Techneaux". Recently relocated to Detroit with a mix out on Terrence Dixon's Minimal Detroit as well as Detroit grown collective's such as TechnoSnob, idalia hopes to continue to contribute to Detroit musically and be inspired by her new home.

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intro: Dravier - A2 - 7" - Jungle Gym Records

idalia's playlist:
Justin Cudmore - Crystal (Lauren Flax Remix)
Subtech - Dark Horizon
Will Azada - Pump That Shit
Cinthie - Old Road
Dj Don Svenson - My Beat Shoot Back
Marquis Hawkes - The Phoenix Part 2
Planetary Assault Systems - If I Die
Sol Ortega - Lonely Walker
Zisko - Step On The Ground
23.4 - Bleu
Maxim Bogdanovic - Kreislauf
LKY - Better Days
JD Typo - Proxima Congo
Chontane - Ciion
Regent - Magnolia
Renato Cohen - Pontape (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)
Holden Federico - Turn
ATYN - Responsible Sources


Sounds Of Survival From Ukrainian Underground, Frederik Hatsav & Measure Divide, juneunit, Fast Ram, Simon Heartfield, Israel Vines, DSPF, Amadeezy, Zeta Reticula, Ayesha, Kim Cosmik, Jensen Interceptor

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Dubmasta - Version Of Survival - Sounds Of Survival From Ukrainian Underground
King Imagine - Dead Dictators Dub - Sounds Of Survival From Ukrainian Underground
Frederik Hatsav & Measure Divide - Coil 3 - Coil EP - Nachtstrom Schallplatten
juneunit - yine - boskage - Silva Electronics
Fast Ram - Slide Mountain - West Kill EP
Simon Heartfield - King Mob - Ballet Mécanique
Israel Vines - Keeping (Original feat. Camille Altay) - Voices - Tresor
DSPF - MTHEL - LTD Hangout - Perimeter Junk
Amadeezy - Bass Beat Bang - International Chromies Vol. 10
Zeta Reticula - Z.E.T.A - Exploit EP - Bass Agenda
Ayesha - Potential Energy - Potential Energy EP - Scuffed
Kim Cosmik - Information Overload - VA-ZwaarteKracht 3
Jensen Interceptor - Drip Freq - Mother - Lone Romantic


A guest mix by Israel Vines.
"Born in the South, raised in the Midwest, and realized in Los Angeles, Vines has carved out a singular space in the American underground, commingling futurist techno energy with raw, unbridled punk spirit — for Israel Vines, "techno" is not so much a sound as a frame."

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Krohn / Mjolsness - 5th Recording - Drummer - Standards & Practices
The Black Dog - My Brutal Life Of If - Brutal Minimalism EP - Dust Science Recordings
David Morley & Davy Vandegaer - The Why Of The Thing - Beings of 6 Dimensions - Futurepast
Topdown Dialectic - B1 - Vol. 3 - Peak Oil
Azu Tiwaline - Tight Wind feat. Cinna Peyghamy - Magnetic Service EP - Livity Sound
Bambounou - Tour - Whities 021 - AD 93
Forest Drive West - Drift - Parallel Space - Echocord
Andrea Parker - Melodious Thunk - Mo Wax
VC-1188A - Serge Extract - Spiritual Machines - Delsin
DYL + DB1 - ECOU #2 - ECOU - re:st
ASC - Triton - Sacred Sevens III - Modern Cathedrals
RVSHES - XIV - No Future Techno #1 - Nullpunkt
PALEMAN - Mites - PLMN005
Iueke - Zonck - Champion - Les Disques De La Bretagne
Iueke - Dem A Burning - Champion - Les Disques De La Bretagne
Rivet - Keloid - On Feather and Wire - Editions Mego
Lemna - Spinning Dancer - Delsin Mantis Series 005


The annual funding drive edition of the show, featuring music by Shinedoe, Ménage, Gabriel Rei, SSA, Space Ghost, Vince Watson, Escaflowne, Ayesha, Jdotbalance, Sepehr, Legion of Green Men. Donate at

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Shinedoe - Enjoy the Moments - Sound Travelling - 100% Pure
Ménage - T.O.A. - Animalia 001
Gabriel Rei - All And This - City of Dreams - Bienvenue Recordings
SSA - Birds of Paradise
Space Ghost - Soul Shower - Dance Planet - Tartelet Records
Vince Watson - Mystical Rhythm - Alola Records
Escaflowne - Voyage - Burfdae
Ayesha - Varanasi - Ether - Kindergarten Records
Jdotbalance - Buzzer - High Exposure - forthcoming on Fixed Rhythms
Sepehr - Survivalism - Survivalism - Shaytoon
Legion of Green Men - Synaptic Response (Faculties Of Cognition) - Spatial Specific - Plus 8


Listen to a guest DJ mix by Vigliensoni, a Montréal-based electronic music producer, performer, and researcher whose work interrogates the different stages of contemporary music production’s workflow, always transforming the process of making a record into a playing field for experimentation and learning. His album Clastic Music will be released on March 21 on Chez.Kito.Kat.

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vigliensoni - Breccia
Nihiloxica -Gunjula (Metrist Remix)
Toma Kami - Solo Use
Leonce - Tripwires
Michael Aurelius - Close Your Eyes
Lithe - It's Rhythm
Pavel Milyakov, Bendik Giske - Untitled 2
Loraine James - Change
Fracture, Sam Binga - Xtatic
A2A, Air Max '97, Aya - Yike!
Surgeons Girl - Grass Labyrinth
Loft - Oh Well, We're All Fucked Now
Leonce - Flight Risk (feat. Neana)
Nihiloxica - Bwola (BFTT's Swamped Edit)
Two Shell - Big Style
Cuban Chamber Of Commerce - Ping 900
Toma Kami - XN
Lithe - Second Pavilion
Toma Kami - XN
Blawan - No Rabbit No Life
borderlandstate_the best kisser in l.a - cas_9
Blawan - Close the Cycle
Blawan - Under Belly
Qik - Mississippi River
vigliensoni - Unreleased
borderlandstate_the best kisser in l.a - LANdance
Dominowe - Umzabalazo (We Broken)
borderlandstate_the best kisser in l.a - arena4
Powell - A Band
Blawan - Blika
Joy Orbison - layer 6


Biosphere, Sandoz, Brainwaltzera, Skinnybones, Bezier, Otik, Yuri Urano, Robert Hood, Zvrra, Pascäal, JLin, Kamyar Ring, Black Rave Culture

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Biosphere - The Clock And The Dial - Angel's Flight - AD 93
Sandoz - Luminous - #9294 (Collected Works 1992-1994) - Mute
Brainwaltzera - ten ton fenix [unchosen]-βκ - Outdives EP - Analogical Force
Skinnybones - One Thousand Hands
Bézier - Past The Marshes - Valencia - Dark Entries
Bézier - Valencia - Valencia - Dark Entries
Otik - Paradise Mode - Soulo EP - 3024
Yuri Urano - Pigeon - Techno - Diffuse Reality
Robert Hood - Drive (The Age Of Automation) - Motor: Nighttime World 3 - Music Man
Zvrra - The Curse of Dexterity - Flow State
Pascäal - Horizontally Draped Angel - Body - Dreamtone
JLin - Rabbit Hole - Embryo - Planet Mu
Kamyar Ring - K.Feelings 2 - Me and Walls - Rawax
Amal X JamesBangura - Cool It - Black Rave Culture - HAUS of ALTR


Olive T, Panooc, Tony G, B. Calloway, FBK, Omar S, J Shaw, JamesBangura, Escaflowne, Fictional Devices, Biochip, Anthony "Shake" Shakir, Russell EL Butler

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Olive T - Midst Of It - m.o.i
Panooc - Low Ways - Sorry Records & Friends
Tony G - Morocco Rococo - Sorry Records & Friends
B. Calloway - Static Electricity - Black Grooves - Submerge
FBK - Modular Life - More Stories From The Future - Rekids
Omar S - Triangulum Astrale - FXHE
J Shaw - Levels Of Space - Destination Space
JamesBangura - Broken Mind - R.Y.S.S.
Escaflowne - Mask Beat - Emulations - Fixed Rhythms
Fictional Devices - Anomalous Materials - Anomalous Materials - Perimeter Junk
Biochip - Clavius Bass - Possible Worlds 2
Anthony "Shake" Shakir - Mood Swing - Frictionalism 1994-2009
Russell EL Butler - Garden's Gift - The Home I'd Build For Myself and All My Friends - Left Hand Path