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Takahiro Mukai, Yuri Urano, Abby Echiverri, Dennis Young, Pete Namlook & Lorenzo Montanà, Modrian, DJ Fire Belly, 1morning, Peder Mannerfelt, Ikonika, Kim Cosmik

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Takahiro Mukai - #533 - Out Of Place - Fixed Rhythms
Yuri Urano - Newq
Abby Echiverri - Soft Lattice - Deformation - Patterns of Perception
Dennis Young - Arabian Nights - Wave Electronic Music 1984-1988 - Bureau B
Pete Namlook & Lorenzo Montanà - Path VI - Labyrinth - Fax +49-69/450464
Modrian- Estelar (Original Mix)
Abby Echiverri - Tensile - Deformation
DJ Fire Belly - Ocean Side - Bombina Chant - Cold Cache
1morning - Signal Flow - Modus Operandi - Fixed Rhythms
Peder Mannerfelt - Big Ball - Hyperchase - Nervous Horizon
Ikonika - Eternal Mode - Aerotropolis - Hyperdub
Kim Cosmik - Synapse - EARTHLINGS 2 - Earthlings


Guest mix for CKUT 90.3 FM by Jack McKenzie of Fixed Rhythms and Nowhere Affiliated.

Jack McKenzie lives in Oklahoma City and runs the Fixed Rhythms label. Alongside the label, he runs the (mostly online) record shop Nowhere Affiliated and organizes parties in OKC. A champion of the in- between, no-coast, flyover, overlooked scenes across the middle of the US, he believes that new electronic music should be accessible to everyone regardless of where you live.

For Modular Systems he put together an all-vinyl, mostly techno with a dash of electro mix of older records and newer records, including a few tracks released on his label, Fixed Rhythms.

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Alter Ego - "The Fridge" (Klang Elektronik)
The Advent - "Chiba" (Tresor)
Carlos Durán - "Abstract Burro" (DonkeyHead)
Neghvar - "Brownie" (Definition)
Erika Gluck - "Cosset" (Fixed Rhythms)
Abdulla Rashim - "Awash Rider" (Concrete Music)
Autokinetic - "Didgeradont" (Fixed Rhythms)
Giri - "Sawtooth" (No Signal)
KGIV - "Rendering Intent" (Horizontal Ground)
Sard - "Null Runner" (Amphiboly)
Vainqueur - "Lyot (Original Mix)" (Maurizio)
Ergot - "Ergot 2" (Audiodrome)
Force Placement - "Retinex (Berndt Remix)" (Clave House)
Reade Truth - "Another Dilemma" (Planet E)
I-f - "The Search" (Disko B / Viewlexx)
Population One - "Code Of Conduct" (Modularz)
Kassem Mosse "GSO2" (Nonplus Records)


Qeei, Motoko & Myers, Xozgk, Sean Kosa, tmy, Daniel Savio, Azu Tiwaline, Ayesha, Valeda, wrk.dat, Loraine James, Fennesz

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Qeei - Alarma 1 - Luminous - Infinite Machine
Motoko & Myers - Gaze Brace - Colocate - Students of Decay
Xozgk - Inizer - Utilit - NO EXP
Sean Kosa - No More Time - No More Time EP - Facecontrol Audio Industries
tmy - Silver Lake - Queen City EP - Perimeter Junk
Daniel Savio - Abba Mausoleum - house of wisdom
Azu Tiwaline - Blowing Flow - The Fifth Dream - I.O.T Records
Ayesha - Liminality - Natural Phenomena - Kindergarten Records
Valeda - Promise - Re:Conceive 2 compilation
Xozgk - Fxaxgek - Utilit - NO EXP
wrk.dat - Chit Chat - w.d o3
Loraine James - For You And I - Hyperdub
Fennesz - Happy Audio - Endless Summer - Mego


guest appearance and set by France Jobin

France Jobin is a sound and installation artist, composer and curator residing in Montreal, Canada. Her audio art can be qualified as “sound-sculpture”, revealing a minimalist approach to complex sound environments where analog and digital intersect. Her installations express a parallel path, incorporating both musical and visual elements inspired by the architecture of physical spaces. Her works can be “experienced” in a variety of unconventional spaces and new technology festivals across Canada, the United States, South America, South Africa, Europe, Australia, Japan and South Korea. Since 2009, her focus has been related to Quantum mechanics. Many of her projects are inspired by theories related to topics such as vacuum decay, string theory and more recently, what she feels to be the most perplexing phenomenon in the world of the quantum , entanglement resulting in a first presentation, Entanglement A/V, with visual artist Markus Heckmann, which delves into the realms of quantum physics premiered at Mutek Mtl 2021.

She has releases on several labels including Editions Mego (AT), Room40 (AU), murmur records (JP), and LINE (US).

More info:

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a guest dj mix by Montreal DJ, producer, and label co-founder Shadya


Shadya is a DJ and producer and resident for the Tempio Nero event series in Montreal. She is the founder and Label manager for Chez.kito.kat records since 2006 and has been involved in music through writing lyrics and poetry since 1996. She was part of the electro-synth pop band Beat For Sale as a singer and performer (2006–2014). At the same time, she toured as an artist in France, Canada, and the US.
Her mixing explores the dark side of techno. She is currently working on new tracks and a live set.

In addition to her work as an artist, she is a musical journalist for Panm360. She supports inclusive night life culture (MTL24/24, FANTOM), intersectional feminism, and fights against systemic racism.

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Denham Audio, Could be
DJ Shufflemaster, Experience
Esteban Miranda, Fuego
Makuto, Pulsacio 101
Marsh, Decipher
Mossed, Stereo
Operator, Cloud cities of Venus
Piska Power, Thermal cycler
DJ Plead, Baharat
Exium, Nimbus
Klint, Vertical
Kaiser, Questioning
Ladystarlight, 4.2
Sync24 & Alienata, Confused


Guest dj mix by Thom Speakman (Boha) of tracks from the Re:Conceive 2 compilation


Thom Speakman (Boha) came in to share some music from the brand new Re:Conceive 2 compilation which features music from 26 local artists and raises funds for The Native Women’s Shelter of Montréal and Just Solutions Legal Clinic.

Buy it here:

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Guest mix by Montreal DJ and producer Icky Magdala

Icky Magdala is a Montreal-based DJ and producer with a career spanning over 15 years. Originating from the underground scene, she finds refuge in sound system culture. Inspired by different musical subgenres with heavy emphasis on bass and drum lines, the avid vinyl records collector navigates through dub, jungle, drum & bass, boom bap hip-hop, and acid techno. Radio host of her show Bridges to Dub on Still.FM. Her mission: spreading the music and good vibes.

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modular systems  

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Laraaji - Kalimba - Segue to Infinity - Numero Group
Pursuit Grooves - Garner - 100 Seams - What rules
Qeei - Papila - Luminous - Infinite Machine
n9oc - U - Memory Allocator - Die Orakel
SVHS - Spring Signal - Drift Signals - archipel
Outcidr - prism - acid123 - Analog
Mental Expire - Expo - MTL
Santiago Salazar - Set In Your Ways - Chang
Kush Jones - Ac Unit Cool - existing, do not desire to be perceived
DOC SLEEP - Matcha - Step on It, Snakey
Qeei - Kukis - Luminous - Infinite Machine
n9oc - Memory Allocator - Memory Allocator - Die Orakel
Laraaji - Kalimba 2 - Segue to Infinity - Numero Group