Transmission 07 // Arcangelo

photo by diego vicinanza


Arcangelo for Dance Affliction, Macao
text by GEN.hectic

I had the chance to play for the second Dance Affliction held at Macao last December 2015 in Milan, Italy. I found the venue simply amazing and everyone involved was also great and caring for a cause. The people that attended were also sweet and this is why I do what I do. As my travels continue, I meet people from different cultures and political realities. As I am greatly inspired by DIY people, I hope you can also be inspired by the differences people are making in their own communities.

“Democracy needs people to rediscover the political value of self-organization, dismissing representation systems which have proven ineffectual, insufficient, if not plain harmful.” – Macao

In 2012 a collective of entities, under the name Macao, took over Torre Galfa, a skyscraper abandoned for some 15 years in Milan, Italy, with the goal of energizing culture in the city. They were quickly evicted but eventually found their new home in a former slaughterhouse/meat market. Macao is a cultural space not only focused on alternative art but also offers panels to discuss political, social and economic issues concerning the local community as well as creative workshops. It is a volunteer based operation; the collective meets on a regular basis, and everyone helps each other to fulfill their unique projects regardless of the format. All proceeds are directly reinvested back into the cause, Macao.

Coming from South Italy, Arcangelo moved to Milan shortly after Macao relocated to their current location. With former experience in event organisation, he was eager to get involved in the local scene and even started DJing. Macao was already familiar to him and had attracted his curiosity through media coverage of the space. He stumbled on its new location one night while attending an event. The next day he expressed his thoughts/appreciation through social media which allowed him to get into contact with some of the collective, who also run the Haunter Records label. They bonded over their mutual dissatisfaction with the limited music selection played in clubs and together planned to host an afterparty. The initial location found didn’t quite meet their requirements when Arcangelo suggested they present the event in Macao and bring it into a new environment. The project was accepted and it ultimately became Dance Affliction.

Dance Affliction

’The idea is to challenge the audience both mentally and physically. This purpose is carried on through 12 hours of uneasy performances that are not necessarily related only to music. Ranging from different genres and styles, the performances have a common thread: to push tension to the highest attainable level. Furthermore, a series of decontextualizing and confusing tactics are implemented in order to enrich the overall frenzy perception. We believe that those self confront moments can, under the right mindset and external circumstances, bring to a cathartic and liberating experience.’ – Arcangelo

photo by Marco Casino


The selection of invited artists is not based on popularity. They like to surprise their guests with hidden treasures. Guests are free to express themselves in all respects to one another while indirectly living through episodes created by the music during the night. The event is so far successful and you will soon see the first Dance Affliction’s CD release of Christoph De Babalon’s live recording from the December 2015 event.

The next Dance Affliction will be held December 17th in Macao.

Arcangelo’s mix was recorded a week after the Paris attacks at the Bataclan theatre for which he felt great empathy and might explain his musical selection.

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