Transmission 05 // Kriek for Robot Army


written by GEN.hectic

Robot Army
I met Baeks at the Schlagstrom festival in Berlin 2009.  He invited me to the Robot Army party where he was playing. I was already planning to go because Kriek was playing and someone told me he was good. Later in the evening I was introduced to him as one of the old Tresor’s resident DJs. Interesting I said to myself.

When the time came, I almost did not go but after listening to Ancient Method’s mix for MNML SSGS moments before the starting time it motivated me to change my mind and go. Little did I know at the time that all these characters were connected. Nevertheless, I had fun and thought they kept Techno’s raw essence all through the night. I became a regular attendee since and for the first two years did not skip one party.

The Event
2014 marks Robot Army’s 5th anniversary. I took the opportunity to chat with Baeks and Kriek to learn about the trajectory which led their group to found Robot Army.

All coming from different parts and outskirts of Berlin, they have been together from the start as resident DJs for the Tresor club from 1996 till it’s closing in 2005. When Tresor reopened in 2007, it took a slightly different direction. The group of 7 played there till early 2009 and felt they couldn’t pursue the sound they had carefully catered together, so they departed and went separate ways. Now down to 5 DJs, Baeks, Kriek, Mack, Herr Schneider und Trias (Ancient Methods), they started the Robot Army parties where they could continue to play their sound and also invite their new and old friends as guests. The events were first hosted in the Mikz club in Friedrichshain until 2012 then moved to several locations including About Blank but never to this day has a club in Berlin offered what Tresor did in the early days. This is something not only Baeks has said on numerous occasions but Kriek also confirmed this and several other Berliners that I came across during my years living here.  Is this Robot Army’s quest? To maintain this atmosphere, this energy? In a way yes but even they say it cannot be the same because the old Tresor’s architecture contributed to the experience. Still they manage to hold this raw energy and sound that is unique to them.

The Art
The art came slightly afterwards. They had a brief idea of what they wanted. Something dark perhaps? It wasn’t clear until street artist Rabea Senftenberg suggested an illustration of hers. She was already a friend who knew them well. Her drawing echoed what was in their hearts, it was amusing and something that definitely could portray them. Ever since she has been doing all the artwork, such as flyers, paintings and props hanging here and there during the events as well as the Robot Army merch.

The 5th anniversary party will host Jerome Hill, Kriek, Mack, Baeks, Herr Schneider and more. It will be held next Saturday, October 4th in Mikz, Revaler 99 Tor 4, Berlin. For more information about the party follow the link.

For this transmission Kriek will bring you the noise of Germany with a live mix he did during the Full Access-Party in Brandenburg.