A guest mix from Montreal-based DJ BitterCaress, inspired by high energy old school rave music. BitterCaress is a resident with the Octov collective, and she is the host of The Movements on La Face B, a local web radio station. She curates the podcast series Mixing for a Cause, and recently launched MFC records, a label that allows established and up and coming artists to support a cause with their music. The first release is a 5 track compilation raising funds for the NAACP.


[opening track] Furtive - Digital Detritus - Sympathies IV

Chippy Nonstop & dj genderfluid – Straight To Hell (Acapella)
Niki Istrefi & Anetha – One more cartoon, please
Sugar – Krankengymnastik
Peder Mannerfelt – The B 2.0
Schacke – Roll With It
Chippy Nonstop & dj genderfluid – Straight To Hell (Jasmine Infiniti’s Single Mom Remix)
Vladimir Dubyshkin – driving the bus
Ezy – Bout Dat
Aphex Twin – Polynomial C (Netsh Interpretation)
Sanja 3x9 – Perc 30
peachlyfe – Reality is a Hallucination
UFO95 – 2am
Repro – Hot Lead Payoff
Sina XX – Miroir (feat. u.r.trax)
ottoman.grüw – Anywhere Else (CMD Remix)
Larrs Huismann – Cognitive Dissonance
Maelstrom – Heat Wave
DJ IBON – Generator
Funeral Future – Heute Nicht