Experimental Housewife is a lauded selector and connector who draws on diverse styles to create multilayered mixes for moving the floor and the soul. Technically savvy on vinyl decks with a sharp ear, she has a knack for detail, progression, movement, and speaking to – and sometimes challenging – her environment.

DJing for twenty years and writing music for fifteen, ExHouse has released music on Hobocamp, Jacktone, Schmer and more. Her own label Perfect Location (a finite, thesis-driven project meant to emphasize a coherent whole with a beginning and a conclusion) marries ExHouse’s fascination with mediums for storytelling to her wide-ranging dance and experimental tastes.

The nostalgic depth and wildness of ExHouse sets are the perfect compliment to the cultural and natural energy of San Francisco, her most recent home.

Michael Claus - Walking By [Jacktone 2015]
HVL - decapad [Self-released 2020]
Dilated Pupils - Don’t Stop [DPBeats 2017]
Science Dept. - Persuasion (Dominica Mix) [Bedrock 2000]
Jasmine Infiniti - SADDAY [New World Dysorder 2020]
Mr. G - Clearing Space [Phoenix G. 2018]
Soul Mekanik - I’ll Call You (thin red man mix) [Rip Records 2000]
Homeshake - Another Thing (LH Mix) [Sinderlyn 2019]
Wamdue Kids - Panic [!K7 1996]
Vegas Soul - Sub-Mission [Bellboy Records 1999]