hosted by Wiklow, interview with Jann Tomaro

Wiklow takes over for Cyan this week, and interviews Jann Tomaro about the ‘Practice’ meditation series at Never Apart.

More info here: http://listpoem.com/category/listening-series/

Magnanime – Colombo [CCCLTD]
KHMGNFF – Gehen [Micromod Music]

== Interview on Practice ===
Mikael Tobias – Practice #4
Jeremy Young – Expanding Empathetic Belly
== End Interview on Practice ===

Tanya Iyer – Intro [Self-released]
Kara-Lis Cloverdale – A 478 [Constellation Tatsu]
Sarah Davachi – For Piano [Students of Decay]
Pursuit Grooves – Pixie Bush [What Rules Recordings]

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