hosted by Fengir

Fengir, label boss from Ancient Robot, took over and brought us a guest mix this week during Cyan’s absence. You can also check out his monthly radio show, Fengir’s Key, on datafruits.fm

UFOCUS – Sins In Suburbia
Drums – Night At The Museum
Taneli Savo – Interbaltic Hitchhikers
Trauma Trauma – Laster
Kanttoripoika – Alppinisti
Bob Turner – Third Life
Fade Runner – See Through Walls
Daniel Savio – Against All Odds
Dimitris Palikaris – Progress
Monochips – Sodosopa
Ventolyn and Becotyde – Primson Tasty
Yöt – Minigrip Walk
Lazercrotch – The Mysterious Women Of Kepler-36b
Aphex Twin – 2×202-St5
Mike & Rich – Jelly Fish

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