pheek, racine, karen gwyer, dasha rush, réservoir, Seekersinternational, CMD, ylangylang, Wiklow, Steffi, OJPB, cobblestone jazz

A preview of some of the artists who will be performing at the MUTEK festival this year.

pheek – poplar – tones of void – pheek.bandcamp.com
racine – le barrage – racine.bandcamp.com
karen gwyer – trapezoidal weekly – needs continuum – no pain in pop
dasha rush – Sail Away to Her – sleepstep – raster noton
réservoir – Phase I – VHS.1 – reservoir6b.bandcamp.com
SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL – StopMotion – The Call From Below – digitalis
cmd – ice daggers – ice daggers ep – basic sounds
ylangylang – grass diagrams II – dream warrior (game OST) – jeunesse cosmique
wiklow – i don’t think i’ll ever say
steffi – power of anonymity – power of anonymity – ostgut ton
cobblestone jazz – memories (from where you are) (pt. 2) – wagon repair

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