with guests SciFiSol, Echo Beach, Square Root of Evil and YlangYlang

A special edition of the show featuring four producers and mebers of Expanding Universe, two from Montreal, one from Vancouver and one from Portland! Listen to the broadcast if you missed it live, and check out more of their awesome music online…..

Sci Fi Sol (Portland)
Echo Beach (Mtl)
Square Root of Evil (Vancouver)
YlangYlang (Mtl)

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stellar om source – sudden
ylangylang – les heures violettes
square root of evil – anomalous
sci fi sol – obsidian pt. 2
echo beach – collateral murder
helena hauff – furthermost nevermore


pheek, racine, karen gwyer, dasha rush, réservoir, Seekersinternational, CMD, ylangylang, Wiklow, Steffi, OJPB, cobblestone jazz

A preview of some of the artists who will be performing at the MUTEK festival this year.

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pheek – poplar – tones of void – pheek.bandcamp.com
racine – le barrage – racine.bandcamp.com
karen gwyer – trapezoidal weekly – needs continuum – no pain in pop
dasha rush – Sail Away to Her – sleepstep – raster noton
réservoir – Phase I – VHS.1 – reservoir6b.bandcamp.com
SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL – StopMotion – The Call From Below – digitalis
cmd – ice daggers – ice daggers ep – basic sounds
ylangylang – grass diagrams II – dream warrior (game OST) – jeunesse cosmique
wiklow – i don’t think i’ll ever say
steffi – power of anonymity – power of anonymity – ostgut ton
cobblestone jazz – memories (from where you are) (pt. 2) – wagon repair


with guest Paul Trafford

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timeshard – cosmic carrot?
jesus loves you – generations of love (the ambient mix)
don williams – pieces
orlando voorn + blake baxter – from the ghetto
klatsch! – oh boy
planetary assault systems – sleepin seemless
move d + namlook – floor #2
au – trilogy
andrea parker – angular art
csm 3.5 – versions
lessons from a spiritual dimension – x100
seltene erden – kuanefield