a studio visit from Daat

Daat is the duo of Jason oS and Joe Mnemonic. They visited the show to play some music, talk about their musical inspirations and their new label, Detuned Transmissions. October 19th will be the first installment of their new monthly event at Cabaret Underworld. Check out their first release on Detuned Transmissions, and more music, at their Soundcloud page :
D T N D on Soundcloud

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Daat – Crashes [Detuned Transmissions]
Godfather Sage – PEACE [forth. Noisy Meditations]
ASC & Synth Sense – Glimpse [forth. Auxiliary]
Cutworks, Bulb & Julia Marks – Against the Grain (Jalex Remix 001) [forth. Occulti]
Altair & Silent Dust – Sakharov [none60]
Synkro – Acceptance [Apollo]
Synth Sense – Symbol #9.1 [Auxiliary]
Icons – Time Undefined (Jason oS Remix) [MJAZZ]
Daat – Phytochrome [forth. Subtle Audio]


Montreal duo AUN, Martin Dumais and Julie Leblanc, visited the CKUT studio for an interview and a live performance.

Montreal duo AUN, melt the boundaries between psychedelic, ambient, shoegaze, industrial and kosmische music. Since their 2007 inception, they have performed at such diverse festivals as Mutek, Roadburn, Phobos, Wave Gothic, Victoriaville, Swingfest, all the while releasing highly praised albums on several esteemed labels namely: Alien8 Recordings, Important, Cyclic Law, Oral and Denovali.

Check out:


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mokira – axis audio – time axis manipulation – kontra musik
the haxan cloak – excavation (pt 1) – excavation – tri angle
kafka – alnwick – castles – unreleased

> AUN Live in studio <

tm404 – 303/303/303/303 – tm404 – kontra musik
pecora pecora – droides – moutons droides champs postironiques - pecorapecora.bandcamp.com