In anticipation of his TM404 performance at MUTEK 2014 I asked Andreas Tilliander some questions over email about his musical projects, inspirations, and his love for the x0x instruments. Read More


MUTEK festival preview with Demora

This week I chatted with Demora – the duo of Leticia Trandafir and Devon Hansen – about their collaborative process, analogue/digital hybridity, and their upcoming release on First Second Label. Demora will be premiering their live set at the MUTEK Nocturne 4 event.

In the second half of the show you’ll hear music from some of the artists performing during the MUTEK festival, including locals France Jobin and gonima.

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Interview with Demora

Demora – Session 03
Demora – Session 02

Mutek artists preview:

gonima – mullusk – out of sides – ancient robot
rroxymore – about finding the right balance – organ smith – don’t be afraid
aurora halal – sunlight – shapeshifter – mutual dreaming
helm – olympic mess (beatric dillon rmx) – pan
space afrika – a3 – above the concrete/below the concrete – where to now
france jobin – s – singulum – lin



Laura Luna, Fousek.Hensen/Tellier-Craif, Peder Mannerfelt, Simon Chioini, Orphx, Lee Gamble, Tazz, Jlin, Lorenzo Senni, Kara-Lis Coverdale, Dasha Rush

A preview show featuring some of the artists who will be performing at the 17th edition of MUTEK.

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laura luna – the woodsman – isolarios – baba vanga [Nocturne 2]
fousek/hansen/tellier-craig – II – no sound without a misunderstanding – spring break tapes (july 2016) [Nocturne 2]
peder mannerfelt – abysmal – controlling body – peder mannerfelt producktion [Nocturne 2]
simon chioini – mini live set [Nocturne 2]
orphx – periphery – the sonic groove releases pt. 2 [Metropolis 1]
lee gamble – kinematics – chain kinematics – UIQ [Nocturne 1]
tazz – la salade techno (original mix) – adventures of tazz – tsuba [Metropolis 2]
jlin – guantanamo – dark energy – planet mu [Nocturne 3]
lorenzo senni – elegant, and never tiring – superimpositions – boomkat editions [Nocturne 2]
kara-lis coverdale – nu_chanic – aftertouches – sacred phrases [Nocturne 2]
dasha rush – 100 hearts – sleepstep – raster-noton [Metropolis 1]


pheek, racine, karen gwyer, dasha rush, réservoir, Seekersinternational, CMD, ylangylang, Wiklow, Steffi, OJPB, cobblestone jazz

A preview of some of the artists who will be performing at the MUTEK festival this year.

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pheek – poplar – tones of void –
racine – le barrage –
karen gwyer – trapezoidal weekly – needs continuum – no pain in pop
dasha rush – Sail Away to Her – sleepstep – raster noton
réservoir – Phase I – VHS.1 –
SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL – StopMotion – The Call From Below – digitalis
cmd – ice daggers – ice daggers ep – basic sounds
ylangylang – grass diagrams II – dream warrior (game OST) – jeunesse cosmique
wiklow – i don’t think i’ll ever say
steffi – power of anonymity – power of anonymity – ostgut ton
cobblestone jazz – memories (from where you are) (pt. 2) – wagon repair