Camille Altay, 12 x 12, Kamyar Ring, Lone Dancer, Escaflowne, machina, Amina Cyu_, Wiklow, Valicha, Scape One, Simone Bauer, m. geddes gengras Read More


A guest mix by Jdotbalance Jdotbalance is a producer based out of Chicago. Their music and mixes range from the breaksy leftfield to hard and obnoxious - much like themself. Check out their recent EP High Exposure out on Fixed Rhythms. More music and mixes can be found at soundcloud.com/jdotbalance Read More


A guest mix by Fengir Fengir is a Montreal dj and producer, and one third of the group Grave Index. He runs the record label Ancient Robot which has released music by fellow Montrealers gonima and Fade Runner, as well as music by Kamyar Khanzaei, Duke Slammer, Fitzroy North, and more. You can hear Fengir's Key on the last Saturday of every month on datafruits.fm fengir.com Read More

CMD @ MUTEK 2022 Read More


Amina Cyu, Pascäal, Motoko & Myers, S. Chioini, Shinedoe, Syrte, JLin, Savile, Shelley Parker, juneunit, Scott Franka & KAAP, KRBC on Electric Cafe VA Vol.1, Nitzer Ebb Read More


Space Afrika, rRoxymore, Machine Woman, Adam Jay, Vamp Acid, Pulsewidthmod, Resoe, Richard Holhburn, AK SPORTS, Nikki Nair, SIVIYEX, SFV Acid, D Breeze (Autechre remix), Swayzak Read More