live set by Wiklow

This week we had a visit from Montreal artist Wiklow, who prepared a live set of his own unreleased music for us

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Floating Wooden Homes
Lost in Laniakea
My Bruised Exoskeleton
Ghost Mosquitos
When I Hear Your Voice, My Stomach Rots
We Drove in Silence
I Still See Gotëborg
Learn to Hide Your Afflictions
Cease to Exist

Transmission 04 // m50

This m50 podcast is roots electronic poetry inspired by Traktion and by the province of Quebec.  Willingly uneasy human… Read More


Dark Sky, Hobo Cubes, Actress, The Bug, µ-ziq, Objekt, Calvin Morgan, Deepchord, luke Hess & omar-S, Legowelt, Model Clocks, Solvent, ASC

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dark sky – lucid – imagin – monkeytown
hobo cubes – reflections – memories – tranquility tapes
actress – pharoah moon rising – xoul – ninja tune
the bug – void – angels and devils – ninja tune
µ-ziq – tambor – rediffusion – planet mu
objekt – ganzfeld – hypnagogia/ganzfeld – leisuresystem
calvin morgan – robotics – compilation 1 – low noise productions
deepChord – dc14 [A1 Remaster] – dc13/dc14/dc16 [remastered] – echospace
luke Hess & omar-S – outerspace drive – motown methods – deeplabs
legowelt – a cold winters day – the paranormal soul – clone jack for daze
model clocks – dizzy – mabel – self
solvent – transfer function – new ways – suction
asc – slow autumn – truth be told – silent season