Transmission 02 // DBIAPB


Dbiapb, the abbreviation for Dead Baby in a Plastic Bag, is a name that leaves you not indifferent but uneasy. This impression of disquiet is what the DJ duo based in Leipzig, Germany aim to create. The pair has been active for the last 10 years after acknowledging their similar views on art and music throughout their years of friendship. While one escaped from his hometown, Altenburg, to settle in Leipzig, the other willingly remained. Coincidently this rupture marked the starting point of their co-productions. Working at a distance they manage to build sets individually by considering each other’s views and aesthetics. They then join forces and merge their work over a period of one or two days to compile amazing journeys.
Whether they will ever produce music together is a question that has been asked but not yet answered.


Machine Woman – Pink Silk
Osaka Bondage – Sponsor Your Soul
Innode – Dedispersion I
Streetwalker – Straight Face
Sturqen – Aguero
Valved – Tipping Point
Concrete Fence – Caulk
Sola Mentale – Come On Aileenmaster
Druss – Stayin Out
Uncto – Judas Cradle
Imaginary Forces – Kall Luft
Exoteric Continent – Cap De Turc
Stray Dogs – Vultures
Whirling Hall Of Knives – VolarÈ Symptomatic
Sendai – Anti-Jupiter
Shards – Cap FT
Christian Morgenstern – Ex Machina
Alberich – Image Of Progress
Linekraft – Malignant Antibodies
Mordant Music – ModeM
NIN – At The Heart Of It All (Created By Aphex Twin)
Current 93 – Killykillkilly (A Fire Sermon)
Orphan Swords – Beleth
Iesope Drift – Sulkea
Elphek – Crushes Ants
Cloama – AWM
Allan Nonamaka – Death Fed Prawler
Russell Haswell – In Memorium Of Elph
Peder Mannerfelt – A Narrow Dome
Facit – Om Igen