modular systems 2017.04.16

modular systems 20170416

This week features music from Montrealer Pheek’s album intra, to be released April 25 (there is an album launch event on the 29th), and Aurora Halal’s contribution to the Warrior Loves compilation on Sound Warrior (forthcoming in June). Also music from a brand new Dopplereffekt album, a new C.L.A.W.S. ep on Left Hand Path, an unreleased track from Quebec City artist bleupulp, a Nackt (RIP) piece on the new 100% Silk compilation, Sensate Silk, Sarah Davachi, and some Pan Sonic as a tribute to Mika Vainio.


Sarah Davachi – For Voice – All My Circles Run – students of decay
Pheek – Gondola – intra – archipel
Pan Sonic – Laptevinmeri/Laptev Sea – Katodivaihe/Cathodephase – Blast First Petite
Dopplereffekt – Ulams Spiral – Cellular Automata – leisure system
Aurora Halal – Twilight – warrior loves – sound warrior
C.L.A.W.S. – Houston, We Have No Problem – Stygian Morass – left hand path
Linkwood – Object – expressions – firecracker
Nackt – Rising Tide – Sensate Silk – 100% Silk
bleupulp – tuesday off – unreleased