since 2001, MODULAR _ SYSTEMS has been broadcasting on CKUT Radio 90.3 FM in Montreal.

modular systems is a bi-weekly music program which seeks to meld and warp together sounds from across the spectrum of electronic music past, present and future, exploring experimental, dub-infused, house, drone, techno, noise and other sonic palettes. Over the years the show has featured interviews and in studio appearances by a variety of local and international artists, as well as label and festival showcases.


modular systems 2017.02.08

New music from Montreal’s DJ Voilà, Pan Daijing, Worker/Parasite, Anome on Low Noise Productions, Zwei Kreise on Jacktone, and Bleupulp +++

modular systems 2010.12.05

modular systems 2017.01.22

Featuring .. a few cuts from the Allergy Season compilation Physically Sick, proceeds go to charities who oppose the hateful policies of the incoming …