cyan | the gravity protocol [2004]


February 2004

“At first I thought it would be fun to juxtapose Cyan’s incendiary techno sets with her peaceful demeanor and perfect haircut, but that quickly proved to be stupid. Then I tried tapping into how busy she is, like hosting Modular Systems on CKUT and playing back-to-back gigs all over town. That didn’t feel right either. It’s not as if there is any shortage of things to say, especially about a top-drawer mix like The Gravity Protocol. Yes it’s “drummy”, “percussive”, and “driving”, but rather than roll out the same tired descriptors, how about this: The Gravity Protocol is to mix CDs what Hitchcock is to film. Francois Truffaut, director of the 1961 classic Jules et Jim, once said that Vertigo is the most perfect film ever made – not because he liked it a lot, but that all of the elements were present and working together in perfect synchronicity. Such is it with Cyan’s latest and greatest mix: there are nods to Detroit (Jeff Mills, T-1000), the hard-tech leaders (Woody McBride, Hardcell & Bacto, Stanny Franssen), and even the hometown hero (Mateo Murphy). These tracks come together with a force not unlike Voltron, or to a lesser extent, the Constructicons. And like these mighty robots, Cyan has created something that is far greater than the sum of its parts. Underestimate her, and be squashed like a bug.”

Chris Paré,, 2004 (archived)


1 woody mcbride/esp | flights departing | kompute
2 adam jay | configured for damage | communique
3 dave angel | dirty bitch (s. franssen rmx) | geushky
4 felipe/n.bacher | cuba | titanium
5 dj t 1000 | ’bout to bang (s. franssen rmx)| inzec
6 paco osuna | atope | analyticTrail
7 player | player 15 | player
8 stanny franssen | playing with the blox | zenit
9 g-force | out of phase | kobayashi
10 anthony lynn | substances interdites | kobayashi
11 smith/selway | move | intec
12 tom hades | avant garde | pornographic
13 taksi aka night on earth | gallero | ongaku
14 adam jay | piscean mood | primate
15 hardcell & johan bacto | dead but walking | devil’s choice
16 undo & vicknoise | noctambula | factor city
17 digital princezz | press the button 1 | LL
18 mateo murphy | battery | uppercut
19 jeff mills | in the bush | axis
20 shawn rudiman | gruva | technoir audio